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Han Asparuh Agericulture Cooperative was founded in 1992 by an initiative committee with 21 members. This cooperative is an association of private farmers and individuals. At its first constituent assembly Geogi Yordanov was elected as a chairman.

Main scope of activities is producing of agriculture products, animal products, theit processing and distribution. We also do other services such as transportation, construction, carpentry, turning, blacksmith, trading, etc.

In 1994, when Emilian Simeonov was the chairman, the cooperative started the tilth of 10,000 da of land in Isperih, as well as breeding 40 black-spotted cows. In 1999 – 2000, Han Asparuh Agriculture Cooperative tilths 12,000 da of land and gradually expand this number to 30,000 da in the region and surrounding villages as Konevo, Yakim Gruevo, Golyam Porovets, Kitanchevo and Vazovo.

Main products we produce are wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, oats, coleseed, fodder maize, hybrid maize and alfalfa. The crop yields are being processed in our own base that meets all requirements and national stadards. After this procedure the production is being sold to other companies.

Currently Han Asparuh Agericulture Cooperative owns a registered first category cowfarm with a capacity of 250 animals.
The individual milk quota at the moment is 776,220 kg for direct sale. Just to compare numbers the same quota in 2009 was 680,568 kg, and in 2006 – 449,500 kg. This increase is linked to the upgrading of the cowfarm equipment and modernization of the machines used here, according to the EU requirements and after implementation of projects based on Measurement 121 and Rural development Programme. All above-mentioned leads to increase of productivity and improvement of our competitiveness on the market.

Since 2007 the Agroculture Cooperative has been run by eng.agronomist Pentcho Pentchev.